eMarketing Tools

eMarketing Tools

eMarketing is a proven strategy that in combination with your existing marketing efforts enables you to generate and retain more customers.

Considering that the majority of future revenue for most businesses is generated from current customers, eMarketing is a great way to keep in regular contact with them.

The key is that you want to drive traffic to your web site through the use of innovative tools such as:

Email Campaigns: MarketMagnet's eMarketing campaigns are completely measurable. You can not only tell how many people opened your message, but what links they clicked on and whether or not they passed it on to a friend.

Search Engine Optimization: Our team can increase your company's exposure by optimizing your site to obtain higher search rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Newsletter sign-up: You are able to gather email addresses from people who visit your website or drop off a business card and then stay in contact with them by sending out special promotions, deals or information that helps you grow your business.

Interactive Visitor Polls: Everyone has an opinion! Add a sense of interaction between you and your customers and collect important data based on their feedback.

Best of all adding eMarketing to your business marketing plan is very inexpensive! Contact us today for details.